What stops YOU from taking steps to Better Health?

Adya And Jason Hope recognizes the 10 Biggest concerns people have in deciding which “health products” to choose…

Top Ten Concerns and Responses:
1. “It’s expensive to be healthy (price)”
At 5 cents per 12oz glass of ionized mineral water, you experience the benefits of fueling your body with minerals and all important h20!

2. “I don’t want to take a fistful of pills daily”
With Adya minerals just add the drops to water and enjoy!

3. “Supplements taste bad”
While some people choose to create a “super potion” when experiencing signs of flu, colds, extreme alcohol consumption and symptoms of “dis”eases, the “super potion” can lead to a quick “sour” taste…but the Adya minerals when used as directed has no taste. When combined with the filtration system, your water actually tastes clean as though it came from the “spring” itself!

4. “Extreme and/or absurd claims”
Knowing that all forms of life on earth are sustained by water and minerals and by utilizing nature to create our solution, Adya has proven that our mineral solutions have the power to oxygenate, mineralize and restore the energy in water. Remember, symptoms are not the cause of diseases. Most diseases are caused by mineral deficiencies, which leads to over toxicity in the body.

5. “Remembering to take my supplements”
Just remember to drink your Adya water…fresh tasting, living water!

6. “I look for simplicity in products”
Fill your Spring Water Filtration Unit with tap water and a teaspoon of Adya solution, and that’s it! The .2 micron ceramic filter, natural 4 layer earth filter and magnetic (FIR far infrared) water spigot does the rest! Enjoy!

7. Unfortunately, I look for what’s “hot” in diet trends”
As you know, every diet out there requires you to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Increase your metabolism with “living water”! Adya ionic minerals are bio electrically charged which conduct and transfer energy. When ionic substances are dissolved in water, the ions become moving positive and negative particles creating strong electrical conductors or electrolytes. Some examples of electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium. Electrolytes are primarily responsible for the movement of nutrients into cells and the movement of “wastes” out of cells (detoxing)! How much extra waste is your body holding?

8. “I look for “green” products. I like to feel I’m making a difference”
Water in nature is the sickest it’s ever been. Our Adya products can help make corrections in drinking water, agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture, while helping to keep excessive use of plastic water bottles that once held “dead” water from being disposed of. At Adya Health Products, we’re proud to be part of the momentum for change!

9. “What companies can you trust?”
With Adya’s commitment in “Making A Difference in Restoring Our World” with restoring our health, we take pride in being a “hands on” company and recognize the importance of close customer relationships. Trust a company that uses nature whenever possible to “solve problems”.

10. “Hard to swallow supplements”
If you can drink a glass of water…”hard to swallow” problem gone! And you will receive the benefits of hydration along with Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc and additionally up to 50 trace minerals all in their natural state!